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Services we offer to off-campus students include


  • The Cannon Memorial Library now offers assistance in writing and research to students of all levels, across the curriculum. Ángel L. Jiménez, M.A., and John David Harding M.F.A., offers instruction on all aspects and stages of the writing process. Whether a student needs help finding the right sources for a research paper formulating a clear thesis statement of formatting a paper according to MLA/APA/ASA/Chicago guidelines, our writing instructors are eager to help you succeed. All Saint Leo students can make an appointment several ways: 

      • Email 

    Ángel L. Jiménez ( .

    John David Harding (

      • Call John David Harding at 352-588-7576 or Ángel Jiménez at 352-588-8269. 

    Click here for Ángel Jiménez. 

    Click here for John David Harding.



  • Emailing or faxing of specific pages from print books (limited to 15 pages or copyright restrictions). Please call or email the reference desk for assistance or contact for questions about copyright restrictions.



  • Reference Help: (800) 359.5945




To contact your regional librarian

Viki Stoupenos

Regional Librarian (Georgia, South Carolina, Florida)

To request library instruction, please fill out the Library Instruction Form

Phone:  (912) 352.7970

Fax: (912) 353.9937 


Steven Weaver

Regional Librarian (Virginia, Mississippi, Texas, California)

To request library instruction, please fill out this form

Phone: (757) 751.3846


Theresa Whitehead

Online Librarian, DL

Phone: (352) 588.8267

Fax: (352) 588.8484


Sandy Hawes

Online Services Librarian, COL 

Phone: (352) 588.8262

Fax: (352) 588.8484



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We have an extensive online help section, including Online Help and How To Instructional Videos; check them out!


Need help writing your paper, formatting your bibliography, or working on a project? You can call us, or review the Research and Writing section.


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